Collaboration beers

The best part of working with others is the potential to learn something new. When we brew with other brews, there's the possibility to learn a new way to approach ingredients we're familiar with. When we brew with restaurants or bars, there's the possibility to learn a completely new way to approach new flavors and ingredients. That being said, a lot of these beers are one-offs and on the more experimental side. They all hold a special place in our hearts, and yeah, our glass. 

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The Long Hair Affair
Made in collaboration with Freigeist and Local Option
Kolsch brewed with Hemp Seeds, Mesquite honey and fermented on Oak


Brown & Stirred
In collaboration with Longman & Eagle

Manhattan Inspired Rye Strong Ale brewed with cherries and bitter roots

We also have made a barrel aged version of this beer! 

p.s. Serve this on ice. We're not kidding. It's tasty. 


The One Horned Wonder and His Fanciful Flying Fresno
Made in collaboration with The Aviary

Galaxy hopped pale ale brewed with passion fruit and rotary evaporated fresno chiles 


Twin Peaks Mall
Made in collaboration with Emporium Arcade Bar

IIPA brewed with spruce tips and honey


Double Creature Feature
Made in Collaboration with Toppling Goliath

Double dry-hopped double IPA brewed with pineapple juice and habanero peppers


Guardians' Rivalry
Made in collaboration with Kaizan Restaurant

IIPA brewed yuzu, white miso, and kombu


Made in collaboration with Old Irving Brewing and Rare Tea Cellars

Berliner Weisse brewed with Rare Tea Cellars "Balsam" tea blend


Ceci n'est pas une biére
Made in collaboration with Forbidden Root Brewery

Pipe tobacco inspired old ale brewed with spices 


Dixie Mission Wheat 

Made in collaboration with Hop Head Farms and Great Leap Brewing in Bejing, China

Wheat ale brewed with orange blossom honey, ginger, and qingdao flower hops


Surrounded by Friends With a Machetes
Made in collaboration with Bad Apple Restaurant

Wheat Pale Ale brewed with ginger, cardamom, apples, and black currants


Attack of the Devil's Lettuce
Collaboration with 18th Street Brewery featuring Dark Matter Coffee

Coffee IPA


Wing It
Collaboration with The Aviary
Oaked Pale Ale brewed with bergamot juice, Citra and Equinox hops


Gussied Cochon
Made in collaboration with Lillie's Q BBQ

Southern Sweet Tea inspired Imperial ale brewed with honey, lemon, and Earl Grey tea


Morning Vice
Made in collaboration with Dark Matter Coffee
Imperial Brown Ale brewed with lactose, espresso, sage and fennugreek


The Royale
Made in collaboration with Pub Royale
Blonde ale brewed with coconut, passionfruit, nutmeg, and milk sugar


Chaton Rosé 
Made in collaboration with Avec
Rosé wine inspired hibiscus ale brewed with sumac and fermented on oak


Dark Matter Machine
Made in collaboration with Dark Matter
Cream Ale brewed with hot extracted Gesha coffee


The Long Hair Affair
Made in collaboration with Freigesit and Local Option

Kolsch Ale brewed with hemp seeds, mesquite honey, fermented on oak