Quality Control Manager

Quality Control Manager


You're a detail-loving individual who knows craft beer isn't just a "craft" it's also science!


The Quality Control Manager is responsible for operating lab equipment, collecting and analyzing data, with the goal of maintaining product and procedural quality.

Please send resume to jobs@pipeworksbrewing.com and include position title in the subject line.

Specific responsibilities include:
Ownership of all facets of QC - with the ability to efficiently and effectively communicate among different departments
Providing real-time data to brew teams, cellar teams, and packaging teams

Operation, maintenance, and calibration of lab equipment such as Anton Parr suite.
Compiling, organizing and analyzing data to reveal trends on historical information and apply discoveries a preemptive quality control program
Coordination with Packaging Dept. to ensure beer is ready for packaging on time at the gravity and carbonation
Performing shelf-life control testing, force fermentations, sample plating, yeast cell counting, sensory analysis, VDK,  density and pH readings

Performing starting and end point dissolved oxygen (DO) tests
Following existing QC procedures and working to create and implement new procedures
Identification and implementation of improvements to maximize cellared beer quality and operations
Maintaining a clean and organized workspace throughout the day and at end of shift
Being an everyday ambassador for Pipeworks Brewing and all of our team members

At a minimum, the Quality Control Manager  must have the following:

Must 21+
Lab experience and relevant college degree preferred
Brewing experience or understanding of fermentation is a plus
Adequate math and reading comprehension skills to properly accumulate and analyze data, follow instructions and keep records
Good interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills
Ability to work both independently and within a team
Assisting other team members (departments) as needed - Packaging, Brewhouse, Warehouse, etc.
Ability to multitask
Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and/or equivalent G Suite apps
Statistical “R Stat” program or comparable program proficiency preferred
Ability to remain calm, flexible, and work through setbacks and emergencies
Ability to work in a brewery environment which may be loud, slick, humid, hot, and fast-paced |
Ability to comply with safe chemical handling procedures, including personal protection equipment such as gloves, boots, and safety glasses
Ability to work under time constraints, work between departments and exhibit time management, self determination and motivation
Willingness to work until the job is done correctly

Send your resume to jobs@pipeworksbrewing.com . Please include the position title in the email subject line.

Thank you!