Website's Got A Spiffy New Look

Hey There! 

Okay, okay. We heard you - our website was looking pretty rough. We've redesigned our website to (hopefully) be more user friendly. Most of the information that was on our older site is still here, just maybe in a different location. We'll be updating and refreshing the site with new information more frequently. Please, feel free to email us at if you think something is amiss or there's information you miss. 

We've included a form to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of most pages. We send this out about once a week, and it's full of information on beer releases and events. 

On the "Find Us" page, you'll be able to do just that! You'll be able to find the retailers that carry our beers. While we can't predict when bars will put our kegs on draft, or if certain retailers will carry each release, it will at least be a list of active accounts.

There's a new FWB (aka Friends With Benefits) page. "Friends With Benefits" is what we call the group of our earliest supporters, the ones who made Pipeworks possible. These people donated to our Kickstarter before we knocked our first brew into a tank. If you're a member of FWB (you know who you are!) a password to unlock this page will be sent to you weekly through your FWB newsletter. If you are not a FWB, this page will not be available to you. 

We've added a "Bottle Shop" page because very very soon we'll be opening one in our production facility! It's actually happening! This is not a tap room, but a place where you can purchase beer and merch directly from our facility and check out our new(ish) digs in the process! The Bottle Shop page will feature the items available for purchase in our shop as well as hours and days of operation!

Comments are also welcome and will be reviewed. Thanks! 

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