To Connecticut and Beyond!

Dear homeskillets, friendolinos, and frienemies, 

We're very pleased and excited to announce that we'll be opening up distribution to the fine state of Connecticut through a subsidiary of our current NY distributor, Sarene Craft Beer Distribution! 

We've been getting some questions about why we haven't first opened up distro to closer markets, more thoroughly saturated Chicago, or brought our beer to the furthest tip of Illinois.

Proximity is not the only factor in considering where our beer goes. 

Well, we're a self-distributing brewery. That means we load our beer into vans in Chicago and drive it ourselves to retailers, restaurants, and bars to ensure that it arrives in your glass or fridge in the freshest condition possible. There's a cap on how much beer we can self-distribute in our home state and we've hit that ceiling. 

As we seek new distribution partners, we are exclusively working with people we absolutely know share our extreme commitment for quality and maintaining our freshie fresh fresho freshbos as fresh as if we were to distribute it to you ourselves.  

This isn't to say that there aren't great distributors in the midwest, but we know through experience that Sarene shares our values. 

Our beer-drinking Midwestern neighbors are very important to us and we are always working toward the best possible distribution plan to bring Pipeworks beer to you. 

Thank you for drinking our beer and supporting our hardworking crew! 

The Pipeworks Crew

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