A New Approach to Releasing Barrel Aged Beers


We recently opened The Dojo, our bottle shop, located within our brewery. It's only been open for three weeks, but since opening, we've seen many of you roll through. It's been awesome! 

For those of you who have visited our shop, you know that in addition to freshie fresh freshos, we were also offering the most recent releases of barrel aged Jones Dog, barrel aged Hyper Dog, and barrel aged Over The Line.

We intentionally didn't hype up these releases, or even make any public announcements about them, and have since sold out of these beers. For the time being, we will be releasing our barrel-aged beers exclusively in our bottle shop, "The Dojo". In releasing these beers exclusively in The Dojo, we've noticed some discussion about our choice to offer up our barrel-aged beers in this way. 

Pull up a beer and let's chat about it. 

We appreciate all the enthusiasm for our barrel-aged beers. The decision to exclusively release these beers in The Dojo is the first step in our mission to provide a more consistent, more reliable way to make these barrel aged beers available.

Since moving into our new brewery at 3912 Mclean, we've been able to expand our barrel program by 6 times(!).  Even considering that sizable expansion, it's still a relatively small volume of beer and a typical batch for us takes at least a year to mature. You can't hurry love, but you can brew it more frequently which is our effort to offer these beers on a more consistent basis. This means that instead of one large release a year, we'll be doing semi-regular, unannounced releases of batches throughout the year. 

We've noticed that special beer release events have the potential to result in lines, crowds, and people leaving empty-handed. We want to make sure that if at anytime you do make the effort to visit us - and we know it's an effort -  that there's more potential for something special at the shop waiting for you. This doesn't mean that we will never distribute to your favorite purveyor of delicious beer, but until the bulk of these beers have finished their maturation process, we be selling these beer exclusively out of the Dojo.

We really do appreciate enthusiasm for our barrel-aged beer (we like them too!). We're writing this to be as transparent as possible about what we're up to. 



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