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The Dojo

Bottle Shop located within our brewery

What's in Store 

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You can buy our beer directly from us Thurs-Sat! 
New Releases will always be on Saturday! 

A fairly accurate list of bottles and cans available for purchase in The Dojo, our bottle shop: 

*all prices include tax

**Credit/debit/apple pay only! 
Emerald Grouper - IIPA brew with the dankiest of hops and wildflower honey
Imperial End of Days - Imperial Stout brewed with vanilla, chilies, chocolate, and cinnamon
NEW! XO MANOWAR Galactic Golden Ale - Galaxy hopped golden ale brewed with Valiant Comics
Mango Guppy - IPA brewed with Mango and honey

BOTTLES... 22 oz of tasty beer!
Galaxy Wolf - IIPA brewed with Galaxy and Styrian Wolf hops - $9.99
Hello... - Imperial Porter - $8.99
Smoke Break Abduction - $10.99
Sweetheart Waffle Mountain - $8.99
Crimson Snapper - IIPA brewed with Blood Orange juice and honey - $11.00
Something Hoppy This Way Comes - IIPA brewed with sorachi ace hops - $10.00
Murderous - $10.00
A Couple Two Tree - $10.00
Goat Collector - $11.00
Holloway - $6.00
Abduction - $11.00
Coconut Jones Dog Milk Stout - $11.00
Brown & Stirred - $11.00
Pipeworks Amarillo - $10.00
Easter Bunny vs Unicorn - $10.00
Dos Ghosts Gose - $7.00
Cinnamon Abduction - $11.00
Pipeworks Lupine- $10.00

CANS... 4packs of 16 oz cans!
Lizard King  - $10.00
Lil Citra  - $10.00
Blood of the Unicorn 4pk - $10.00
Glaucus - $11.00
Close Encounter - $10.00
Ninja vs Unicorn - $12.00
Mango Guppy - $9.99

Sweatshirts, t-shirts, glassware, koozies, and keychains are also available! 

The Dojo is located within our production facility at 3912 W. Mclean Ave in Chicago. 
Parking available on northwest side of building. 

We are open Thursday - Saturday
We are closed Sunday - Wednesday

Thursday 3:00 - 9:00
Friday 3:00 - 9:00
Saturday 11:00am - 5:00pm


We do offer 1oz samples of a rotating selection of beers.
The Dojo is a bottle shop, NOT A TAP ROOM.
All purchases are for off premise consumption only.

Credit/debit/apple pay only. No cash. All prices include tax!

availability subject to change, cannot 100% guarantee any one  beer will be in stock