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Beer + Dinner = Beer Dinner!

We're partnering with Chef Andrew Duncan Biddulph to offer a 5 course beer-paired dinner in the Pdubz Pipedream the evening before the Pipedream opens inside the confines of Emporium Logan! 
Each course will be served family style with 5oz pours of each pairing!
Come join us for this casual, fun, and highly delicious dinner! 

Da menu:|
Chicken Wings paired with War Bird
Burnt chili glaze
Creamed ramps 

Asparagus paired with Not Our House House Beer Kolsch
Deviled Egg
Crispy Shallot
Mustard and cheddar

Squid paired with Dos Ghosts Gose
Snap Peas
Fava Beans
Charred Wild Onion

Pork Collar paired with Blood of the Unicorn
Spinach and Radish
Spicy Seeds and Nuts

Dessert paired with Imperial End of Days

Digestif: ~ Barrel Aged Abduction ~

Can't wait to break bread with you! 

<3 Pipeworks Brewing Co. 

*Unfortunately, as this is a pop-up and not a restaurant, dietary substititutions can not be accomodated
* Beers and dishes will not likely change, but they might!