We've compiled some our most frequently asked questions for you. 

Q: Do you have a Tap Room? 
A: We do not have a tap room. We do have a bottleshop!
We do not fill growlers. We are currently a production facility with a bottle shop located within our production facility (3912 W Mclean Chicago 60647).  Bottles and cans will be available for purchase at any of our retailers or directly from us in the bottle shop, called The Dojo opened Thurs-Sat. 

Q: When do you release new beers? 
A: We begin self-distribution for our new releases on Monday. We release the new bottles/cans in The Dojo the Friday before. 

Q: How can I get Pipeworks in my bar/restaurant/store? 
A: Please email to get the process rockin and/or rollin. Please note that we do self-distribute. We have a small, albeit talented, team. Be patient with us and we'll get back to you as soon as we're able. 

Q: Are you hiring? 
A: In fact, WE ARE! We are currently hiring for the following positions! Check out our Jobs page and
 send your resume to and include the position title in the email subject! 

Q: Do you give tours?
A: At the moment we do not currently give tours...or at least we don't give tours of our facility. If you are in a place and one of us is around and we're semi-familiar with the place, we can give you a tour of that place.

Q: How can I become a Friends With Benefits member?
A: Unfortunately, enrollment for FWB has been closed since 2013.  

Q: When are you going to distribute to X state/county/country?
A: Hopefully soon!  

Q: What does "self-distribution" mean?
A: We bring our beer to every single store/bar/restaurant in the Chicagoland area to ensure that it's as absolutely as fresh as possible. We load our beer into vans and one of our very talented drivers delivers the goods! In states other than Illinois and wisconsin we do go through a distributor. Unfortunately, this does NOT mean that we know when your local joint has put our beer on their shelves or on draft. We just get the beer there. 

Q: Do you have merch available online?
A: WE Do! Check out our “goods” in the top bar of our website!  

Q: I can't make it to the bottleshop or a retailer to buy your beer. Will you ship it to me?
A: We can’t - but our partners at tavour might be able to!

Q: We're hosting a fundraiser. Can you donate beer?
A: Possibly! Email or fill out the form below. 

Q: Can you tell me if a beer is still available at my local joint?
A: Nope. We can't. We just get the beer there. If you're looking for a specific beer, it's always our recommendation to call ahead before you make the trek. 

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