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Find Us

You can always visit us and purchase beer directly from The Dojo located within our production facility at 3912 W. Mclean in Chicago. 

But if you don't wanna see our ugly mugs, our beer is sold at many fine establishments in Illinois, WI, MO, MN, NY, CT, MA, NJ, and CO. 

We self-distribute in Chicago, Milwaukee, the surrounding Chicagoland area. That means we load our beer into vans and delivery directly to retailers from our brewery! It's pretty neat. We can never guarantee that any beer will be on shelves at any store at any moment. 

In states other than Illinois and Wisconsin, we go partner with a distributor to get our beer on shelves!
In Colorado our beer is distributed through Elite brands.
In New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, our beer is distributed through Sarene.
In Boston, our beer is distributed by Nightshift Distributing.
In the Twin Cities, our beer is distributed through Clear River Beverage.
Our beers are also available online in some states through Tavour.

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